Lack of logic node editor

Hello, sorry, of course, because of the new forum that does not suit you, the fact is that when I installed the blender version 2.8, I wanted to check the actions of the game, I went to the panel to switch to the logical node of the editor, but the logic node editor is absent
I even searched the Internet to find out how to make the logical node editor appear on the panel, but I could not find it and
so I had to find out from the forum and what to do now

Blender Game Engine was removed in 2.80. So, there is no more logic bricks.

The plan is to reintroduce an interactive mode using nodes when nodes will be ready for it.
Currently, new nodes are in development for particles.
Nodes for modifiers and constraints should follow.
And finally, we should have an interactive mode.

But for the moment, you have to export your assets and use them in another game engine like Godot.

Well, thanks for the info, it’s very unfortunate that the logic node editor was deleted, but he was here before