Keymap inconsistence, and doesn't recognize one key on the Spanish keyboard

1 If you use “use pie menus on drag”, “shift + z” loses all sense to go to wireframe mode, I think it would be better to go as before to enable and disable render mode.

2 On the other hand, many shortcuts have been removed to leave keys free and on the Spanish keyboard blender is unable to assign this key to use it for example to make a “view to selected”, is like not recognizing the key I have marked in red in the image.

Because of the location of this key it is essential for the Spanish keyboard to use this key located in the main area of strategic action, it is a real pity not to be able to map it to put actions.

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There’s no way to assign that key in blender?

the Italian keyboard has the same key, i set it up for custom “select menu” and “mesh menu” in edit mode, because I love modelling in full screen (ctrl + alt + space)

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“Grless”, interesting, thank you now at least I have something to start researching, thank you!!

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same_pie_menu ="wm.call_menu_pie", "GRLESS", 'PRESS')"same_pie_view"

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I’m trying this on my addon, but it doesn’t work. In the text editor recognize the key, so the key is correct. And it happens in the laptop with linux mint and at work it also happens with an imac.

kmi ='wm.call_menu_pie', 'GRLESS', 'PRESS') = "VIEW3D_MT_view_pie"
addon_keymaps.append((km, kmi))

Same code with the SPACE key it works.

Now i have reported:

try "GRLESS" not 'GRLESS'