Key-framing Collection display/render states

I wonder if it is planned to be able to add key-frames, or even set drivers for Collection visibility states (“Collection.hide_viewport”, “Collection.hide_render”).
It’d be really useful for hiding/showing multiple objects at the same time in an animation.
I know there are other ways of achieving this, but I think that since the collection is already controlling the visibility of multiple objects at the same time, seems logical to me that this should be animatable, and In my opinion would make Collections even more powerful that what they’ve already become.

I hope so because there’s no way to make objects appear and disapear in a animation without this feature.

As it is, you can make objects appear and disappear by right-clicking on its view/render icon on the outliner and adding a key-frame and that’s fine. But I feel the user should also have the ability to do this exact same thing but on a collection of objects and in that way switching on or off the visibility of a bunch of objects at the same time.