Keep the lights on in local view and in all layers/collections

Hi everyone,

The collection system is a blessing, and everything is logical; but as I switch between my main collection through numbers (1,2,3,…) in rendered mode, or when I switch to local view (/), or hide the rest of the scene (Shift+H), I always end up with this light-off effect that forces me to switch the light back on.

I understand why it is difficult to avoid in local view and Shift+H view, although I’d really like to have an option therefore; and I chose to put the lights in the main collection to keep them on when I switch between the main layers.

As the rendered view becomes available as a working environment in Eevee; finding a way to extract the lights from the visibility matters would be very handy.

My eternal gratitude to the problem solver, if born he/she is.


Not only: lights influence disappear when you hide them in the view with the topbar visibility filter. Ok it is logical, but I find myself hiding them to remove the clutter but I’d like to see their effect on the scene. There is the “Show Extras” flag in overlays popover, but either it hides too much or to less…


I was never so excited and then disappointed so quickly while using Blender than when I clicked on the popover’s light :eye: icon thinking that it would declutter the viewport of light overlays, only to see all of the lights go out. :joy:

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The collection system is far away to be blessing or logical, so we put lots of efforts to fix that with addons.

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I’d be glad to know if there is an addon for this problem.

I think that stuff like isolation or hiding have to be rewritten from scratch to be able to solve an issue as an addon.