Keep 3D axis visible during operations:

The new 3D axis gizmo in the top right of the 3D viewport in 2.8 is very useful for new users, but disappears anytime you enter an operation like scale/translate/rotate, so knowing which axis to constrain to or to exclude sometimes means exiting the operation and checking your axes before going back in. It would be more useful if this gizmo did not disappear like this. Also, view-dependent operations would benefit from us being able to use that gizmo to adjust the view while in the operator so we can tweak if needed.

Worth mentioning that I’ve been using Blender 2.8 on a laptop a lot lately, so this feedback is coming from trackpad frustrations that might not be as much of an issue with a full size KB and 3-button mouse setup.


I agree with this demand. It is very reasonable. User has the feedback on what he is doing. :slight_smile:

Agree! This is one thing I constantly notice. I used to look at the gizmo when in translate/rotate/scale mode to see which one I wanted to lock on - but it now vanishes when starting one of those modes. :frowning: Also not sure if I like it vanishing if overlays are turned off, as it’s not really an overlay like the other things that are overlayed on the model.

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this particular subject keeps getting posted. it always irritates me. not the repetitive posts, but the gizmo disappearing! I’m having a hard time breaking the habit of thinking ‘move’ and hit G, then getting oriented by looking at the axis gizmo to determine which way to go. It’s that simple.