Just draw! panel

…how about this idea for sculpting on a drawing basis ? :

  • layout :
    …1- 3d panel to view result .
    …2- 2d panel divided into two panels :
    …ِA- dimension panel .
    …B- color panel .

…* dimension panel :
for drawing the outer perimeters of the model on 3 dimensions separately x ,y and z … starting with y and viewing the result directly live on the 3d view … then switch to x and z before moving to the color panel and moving on to the next part of the model.
…* color panel :
sculpting using only colors ranging from blue to red to define depth on the flat 2d color panel … while viewing the result sculpted on the model with dimensions “applied already” in the 3d panel … then back to dimension panel to make another part of the model …

…* notes :

  • this way we can also draw topology easily for animation purposes and control UV.

  • we may have the ability to import 2d images drawn in external applications for the dimension and color panels .

  • we may also draw the internal shapes in dimension panel with a different color and define which surface we are sculpting on in the color panel.

  • and who knows… we might use it for animation as well . :slight_smile: