It has the Shortcut Visual Manager in Blender

Like this.


Another example of something similar:

Blender example mockup:


Wow! mockup. it means this will be updated in recent version ? 2.8.90 final ?

I don’t see useful that feature, in blender a key can have 4 different users in the same mode, dozens between all editors and modes

It will need a improvement at least to manage that situations.

Also needs to manage all keyboard distributions

@SteveYang No, probably not. But it would be a nice thing to add eventually.

@Alberto Such a visual editor could still work. As in the mockup, you can pick the editor and the mode. Something like this makes it much easier to get a visual overview and to resolve keymap conflicts.

That said, in general, I think these kinds of advanced customization features are rightfully lower priority. What matters more is that the built-in keymaps work well, and the fact that it’s now easy to add your own items to Quick Favourites or right clicking on anything and assigning shortcuts.

So I think this would be nice to add, but I would first focus on improving many of the core day to day UI elements in Blender, such as modifiers, improved drag and drop, the asset manager, workplanes, multi-object properties editing etc.

Things like a better theme and keymap editor are only helpful while doing custom setups, which most users don’t do - and if the built-in themes and keymaps are good enough, there’s less of a need to spend enormous amount of energy on better editors to make your own.

So as I see it, I think it’s just fairly low priority.


Well. I’m thinking that how you define priority. the Function has higher priority than visual stuff.

Although visual editor which most users don’t do, when user look at this visual editor that increase his interesting in blender , like UI changed between v2.8 and v2.7 , especially before use.
For example , everyone have an impulse to a beauty woman before knowing her heart.

Well, it’s ok. Thanks for you reply.

I’m also waiting for exciting features .

I think your mockup should include the numpad too, don’t you think?, as appears in the reference you knew above, would be great

Yes it should. Though I thought to split it up for space reasons