Issues with Wacom tablets and Blender 2.92 and up?


Am I the only one who has issues with the latest builds of blender 2.92/3 regarding Wacom tablets?

I can use both just fine until 2.91.x, but after that it’s not working for me on any on the tablet modes in the prefs.
I’ve seen some posts mentioning this, but no real solutions offered yet.

Both in ‘pen mode’ or ’ mouse mode’ there’s a massive offset to the pen tip, and in ‘pen mode’ the cursor is all over the place when moving the pen.

Anyone on this?

So after two days, nobody seems to have issues with Wacom tablets?

Can someone explain what has changed since 2.91, so I can dive into this to see what’s going on here?

I have that offset issue sometimes, a Blender restart always solves the issue though (using latest 2.93 builds). Never made a bug report cause I could never reproduce it.

I thought it’s because I’m using an ultrawide dual monitor setup but at the same time there was no offset in any other application, so not sure what it’s about.

Prodded “The tablet guy” who said, please file a bug on this on and mention user @nicholas_rishel in the ticket and he’ll take a look!

Just to close this thread, the builds from today (17-02) will work again as in previous builds. :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m just running into this issue now with Blender v3.1. I don’t recall v3.0 giving me similar issues. And I haven’t had any issues with this in previous versions. Running Windows10 w/ a dual monitor setup, using an RTX2080.

In addition to it lagging in Blender, if Blender is open on the same screen as say Photoshop then the pen lags there as well. But once Blender is minimized, it’s no longer an issue. I tried adding Blender to my Wacom tablet properties, but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!