Issue with single user across scenes

Could someone take a look at this bug report and tell me if I’m going mad? The developer’s scolded me for raising it as a bug, suggesting I actually just don’t know what I’m doing, yet I’ve included a video in the bug report showing it working correctly in 2.8, and then not working in 2.81 following the exact same steps.

I can’t get the make single user object, and make single user object and data to work across scenes. The dev (bastien), suggested it was quite obvious that I need to make the collection a single user also, but when I try to do that I just get an error message saying ‘not yet implemented’.

Any ideas if I’m doing something wrong and how to get it working, or if the dev is failing to understand the issue?

You compared 2 Blender versions slightly wrong.
In 2.80 your objects are in default “Scene Collection” which is not really a collection as devs referred.
However in 2.81 your objects are in an actual “Collection”.
Bastien mentions this “Collection” needs to be made single user first. (He probably thought this feature is working fine and suggested you to get support from forums on how to make this work)

But as you noticed the feature is not working fine, so, as Dalai suggested just create another bug report about collections can’t be made single user (Also objects can’t be made single user from outliner). Though I am not sure why this needs a seperate bug report, there is probably a good reason.

And try to keep your videos shorter :slight_smile:

ahhhhhhh, you’re a legend! Thanks for pointing that out, that’s been driving me crazy. And you’re also right, as I used to tell all my ex girlfriend, 3 minutes is indeed a long time.

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