Issue with offset when doing Fluid simmulation

When I try to use the offset option to make a simulation occur at a certain time in an animation project that syncs with the background video footage, the offset option makes my key-framed animation disabled (of my InFlow mesh).

video: youtube demonstration

.blend file: test blender fluids

Bear in mind that fluids and smoke are likely to be replaced soon by Mantaflow, so probably not much effort is going to be applied into Elbeem (the current Blender Fluids simulator)

You can try a Mantaflow build if you need it right now, here you have the link to download it:


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Thank you for the answer, I’ll check the Mantaflow branch then to see more about the workflow. So this could replace the current fluids simulator already in the final stable version of 2.8?

That´s the idea, it should replace fluids and smoke :slight_smile:

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