Is the viewport gong to be optimized?

The viewport is extremly laggy when switch to edit mode, I though its putting too much pressure on my CPU.
Is it going to be further optized my CPU isn’t poerfull enough?

AMD A4-6300

Your comment is really not precise. What is laggy? Rotating the view? Updating the mesh? Selection?
And also you say nothing about your test scene.

And the CPU is most likely not the one struggling here. So knowing your GPU is more interesting.

On the optimisation side, I have something planned that will help, but I’m not sure what to expect so don’t put your hopes too high.

with relatively dense meshes (more than 300k vertices),
takes 3secs to switch to edit mode.
lag bit when rotating in edit mode.
lag waaay more when zooming.
And 0.5 FPS while moving a vertex in a dense mesh.

Object mode is fine.

I feel like its the way to draw AA lines that is causing lag, if I hide all overlays and outlines, the viewport runs smoothly but as soon as I enable grid floor or object outline the viewport performance drops about 20%

In edit mode, no comparison, its just unsupportable.

My hardware:

@Hypersomniac please, tell me that I will not have to buy a new computer to model non-Lowpoly stuff in 2.8.

Well first your graphics card is pretty old and quite weak.
After all the cases you enumerate have different bottlenecks. Not all of them are related to drawing.
There will be performance improvement but yes, the AA is expensive at the moment.
Performance should be at least equal to 2.79 for the final release.

I know, thats why I am afraid of that.
I am brazilian and with the current country condition, I can’t afford a better card.

There is also an issue with large number of objects.
30000-50000 objects are extremely slow to navigate/manipulate, while single joined is very fast.
This is a common problem in CG software, hopes new dependency graph will resolve some part of this issue.

For me there is a problem in mesh editing, if it has a lot of vertexes (more than 100K). Everything works fine and quick, until you start edit geometry (moving vertexes or something). But 2.7X also have this issue, And questions related to this have been raised repeatedly:

Ouch, that GPU is a bit too old for 2018,

Should have at least a 1 GB, yours is half of that.

512 MB GPU’s were a thing in 2012 and lower.
I’ve used a 1 GB GPU for 7 years and its been fine (Upgraded to 4 GB just to play Farcry 5 lol)

But yea your GPU is the one thats suffering sadly.
Id Reccommend at least a 2GB if you can afford one, since 1 GB Gpu’s are becoming obsolete currently.