Is Nurbs modeling going to be worked on?

Hey devs, Is the nurbs modeling in Blender same as what we see in Moi3D and Fusion360? Feels to me like it was just discontinued. Why isn’t it being worked on? Is going to be too difficult for you guys?

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naughty questions :smiley:

development takes time and the recources are limited. Please have a look on ⚓ T63731 Modeling Module to see what the progress is. If there is a feature missing look on Right-Click Select — Blender.Community if someone already posted the same thing you wished.

Otherwise make a detailed proposal with explanations, maybe images on rightclickselect.

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this deserves quotation :wink:

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As I have already written about this on blenderartists, on the snapping system thread …

already today to get very similar results to BREPs in blender, it would be enough to use the structure of subdivision surfaces with rigid border edges … it is already all there ready, the devs only need to encapsulate them in the just containers and create coherent tools to manipulate them precisely (trim, boolean , precision measuring instruments)

in my opinion they should almost completely abandon the old nurbs surface system, and focus on creating BREPs (or similar) based on subdivision surfaces with creased edges
so it would be more than anything else to create the right container for these surfaces and the right coherent workflow manipulation tools

in another thread I proposed to import the STEP format natively (maybe using the “subdivision surfaces with creased edges” instead of the nurbs-breps surface as a generation) even if initially the editing of them would be very limited … devs will have plenty of time to create manipulation tools, little by little without burdening their work …


“NURBS” is supposed to stand for “Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline”. “Non-Uniform” means you can control the knot vector. Blender has no control for the knot vector. “Rational” means you can set the weighting of each control point. Blender has no option to set the weighting of each control point. So with no “NU” and no “R”, all Blender leaves you with is “BS”.

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I can read a clever pun in your words. Is it intended? :sweat_smile:

I have 30 years experience with nurbs and similar. IMHO having cad-compatible nurbs in bender is critical for any kind of adoption or use by many engineering companies, who rely on these types of brep surfaces.

Import/export STEP is essential too, as well as any other surface-capable format.

Currently I’ve put together a number of Python scripts (generic ‘addons’) that we use In-house in our company to import very simply from ascii STEP and some FEA xml-based formats. I’ve got a student working on making this ‘releasable’ hopefully by the end of the year. BUT if all you devs are also working on this I’d be happy to contribute where we can and discuss this to me a very important topic.


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