Is Mantaflow still being developed?

Hello :raised_hand:

I recently checked out the official mantaflow website because I was interested to see whats being worked on and what improvements might come to blenders fluid system.
To my surprise it hasn’t been updated since 2017 and there is also an issue from november last year in the bugtracker asking if it’s still in development / maintained. No answer unfortunately.

So I thought I might as well ask here if maybe someone knows something about this.
I’m not a developer so I’m not sure what this all means but it could also be that the framework is already pretty mature and thats the reason there were not that many updates recently.
I could also imagine that this might not even be that big of a deal because we could extend the framework to add new features and performance improvements.

This is all pure speculation and just some thoughts going through my head. Maybe someone here could shine some light on this topic.

Thanks everybody, love this community :heart:



The “Last updated” timestamp on is probably a bit confusing - there have been updates to the project, just not everywhere on the website.

Version 0.13 came out in July of this year, for example, and I personally am hoping to bring more features to the next release. Also note that Github is only being used as a mirror of the master branch - the development repository of mantaflow is hosted on BitBucket.

If you are interested in fluid simulation research and things that might end up in Blender, I would recommend to take a look at Nils research group homepage

Hope this helps!


Nice! Really, really nice! Thanks for the response, will check out the link you posted.
Watching all those 2-minute-paper videos about fluids on youtube got me excited about fluid simulations. I imagined that I just missed something or the resources I checked out are just not up to date, but it’s very reassuring to hear this from you, thanks again and keep up the great work!

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Mantaflow IS part of Blender and has been for a while now