Is it planned to make Grease pencil even more awsome by not limiting intensity to 0 / 1 range?

The question say it all, but why allowing this kind of value since Grease pencil isn’t color managed in the viewport, you will ask.
It’s the point, why isn’t it color managed in the viewport since it will be in the rendered image?
So if it’ll be color managed in the viewport why not allowing full dynamic range?

I know lot of people think drawing only need 0/1 range and they want perfect match of colors, but in this case stay with 0/1 range in sRGB(defaut) Color management, but since there are FXs that care about dynamic range it’s a pitty that GP is limited in it’s range.

Exemple: GP viewport VS render

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GP color VS real shader, defaut(sRGB) and Filmic