Is it just me or the face orientation colours setting not sticking in between application restarts?

I’ve tried saving the preferences and saving as a startup file. No matter what I do the colours are being reverted back to the default red and blue every application restart.

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same for me I cannot change colors and save preferences to keep them it always revert back

Must be a bug then. I was loosing my mind over this! haha

Yes, if you are running a daily build the custom face orientation colors probably won’t “stick” as you’d expect them to for a bit longer.

Because it is a new setting there is code added in a section we use for “versioning”. Basically if the current version is older than a specific one use these defaults (red and blue). That code will be called always until the next time we do a “version bump” and we have those settings in an updated default blend. Won’t be long - feature freeze in a couple days.

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The version in master is fixed now. So the next nightly should allow your preference to stick. Sorry for the wait.


No, thank you! This is great.