Is Filmic Blender going to be standard in 2.8?

Because sRGB EOTF performs very bad at dynamic range (only 8 stops, according to BlenderGuru) I would love to see an improvement of the color management in Blender 2.8. I already use the Filmic Blender by Troy James Sobotka because it performs much better. So will Filmic Blender or at least something similar that has way more DR stops than sRGB be the standard in Blender 2.8? I really hope so.

Filmic is already the default view transform in 2.8.


That’s great. Sorry if my question sounded dumb or trivial. I didn’t had the chance to test Blender 2.8 yet. I just know how it looks from Pablo Vazquez’ YouTube videos about Blender 2.8. Anyway, thanks for your help.

This is fantastic of course, but one note is that sRGB is still called Default even though it’s no longer the default.


Yeah. You’re right. I guess that’s a case for UI Papercuts.

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Hi @brecht,

I still see only {“sRGB”, “XYZ”, “None”} in the Display Device combo-box.

How to achieve the functionality shown in this video?

Thanks in advance.

Filmic is a view transform, not a display device. It should be available if you select an sRGB display device.