Is Dynamic Weight Painting broken?

Hello. I’m having trouble with this issue, so I wanted to check. Is this feature broken?
The brush object has no effect whatsoever on my canvas object, and when I preview it in weight painting mode, it’s pretty much ignored (all blue).

The thing is, I can get the preview in Paint mode, by using a texture or whatever, but Weight seems unaffected by the interaction.

Is there a new workaround or is it just… broken?

Yes. It is broken. They had no solution for Weight Preview and simply disabled caching of weight dynamic paint.
Since that, nothing changed. No new display workflow for preview has been created.
I don’t understand why they disabled caching. Although preview did not, caching of weights worked in early versions of 2.8.

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I see. Thank you for the detailed response. Guess I’ll have to cross work in 2.79.