Intel performance

hello blenderdevs !
I know,i know…i can’t expect a nice performance with an hd2500 , but 2.8 runs well on ubuntu and intel released a new driver to optimize opengl apps on windows 10 so it gave me some hope.Will be possible to have a better performance ?

there is little to do with these cards … the opengl are supported up to version 4.5 but the performances actually derive directly from the processor, as if there was a sort of “conversion” …
so it only remains to resign.

anyway thanks for the highlight, I’m going to download them …

at least intel is more serious than amd that does not abandon support for its platforms even if they start to become obsolete

Yeah i really didn’t expect for this support

in my case it does not have too much importance because on my laptop I have a second discrete gpu but I have verified that with these last drivers the eevee performances on the intel gpu get worse … especially in the management of the “compilation” of the shaders

maybe on games and other apps the situation improves but I have not verified