Infinite scroll blocking, serious UI issue

Hello developers, please make some things more accident proof by blocking accidental misuse of buttons and drag scrolling, one easy example is this when you remesh and accidentally hold and drag with mouse too far and you got a unstoppable memory fill. Some options should be steppings when scrolling with drag and some options should have hard blocks and only manual typing could bypass that. This is quite serious especially for newbies or for people who are more GUI users than keyboard users. There are quite lot of things, including nodes that can go out of hand when there are no steppings or upper, lower scrolling blocks.


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Min/max blocks aren’t really a complete solution for the case of remesh: what might be a reasonable voxel size on one object could be a system killer on another.

Here’s a mockup of a variant of the draggable input field with settable min/max limits for consideration though:


Ideally Blender would detect when an operation will use an excessive amount of memory or is likely to take an excessive amount of time, and ask the user before proceeding; or, allow the user to hit a key (escape, say) to abort an operation (presumably this is not done for performance reasons).

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