Increment with Shift and Ctrl depending of scene units

Is it a bug or it works as intended?

When you move some object with Shift holding, you get very small increment values. And as I see it depend on how close you to the object/selection.
But if you want to tweack values in ‘Adjust Last Operation’ panel with Shift holding you get constant increment with 1mm no matter what scene units is set.

Maybe it need to change value with Shift holding like:
[scene units]/10
and with Ctrl holding:
[scene units]*1
[scene units]*10
this is for ‘Adjust Last Operation’ panel only.

Or how to tweack value lower then 1mm in ‘Adjust Last Operation’ panel with Shift holding if your scene units set to Millimeters?

P.S. found that it’s for all field values, not only ‘Adjust Last Operation’ panel…

Also I found that holding Ctrl in field and scrolling mouse wheel does work fine,
BUT holding Shift and scrolling do nothing, is it bug?

Want to reply here again.
It’s hard to tweak small values with Shift holding…

For example if your units set to mm and you tweak value in ‘Adjust Last Operation’ panel with Shift holding after moving operation it will increments by 1mm, that is not acceptable cos your scene already in mm and you want increment values to be smaller…

So maybe increment value should be depend of scene units in panels where this units is displayed?