Incorporate NFT Blockchain wallet


I had an idea recently that i thought would be great for blender and moving forwards with the future.
Due to the rise in crypto and the development within crypto. world, we now have access to NFTs. Its one of the reasons i downloaded blender.

I think it would be great to incorporate NFTs to blender since we can use the software to create our useless GIFs, but it would be even better if we could then upload to the blockchain direct from blender with access to NFT marketplaces through blender, Dapps. I think the combination of being able to create, then sell on directly from blender would be great and to have blender envoled with crypto, i think it would really help for the growth and future development of blender

While I do not speak on behalf of the Blender Foundation, I don’t believe that integrating NFTs or cryptocurrencies aligns with the goals of the Blender project.

Please keep in mind that DevTalk is for module teams to reach out to contributors and developers interested in Blender’s development to discuss their feature ideas that they would like to implement. It is not a platform for feature requests or improvement suggestions (unless a module team creates a thread asking for feedback on a particular topic).

If this is meant to be satire, please refrain from creating posts like this on here.

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