Inconsistency between slider and color picker?

In a recent commit (17 dec 2020) @brecht addressed the issue of having different color space for RGB and HSV sliders in the RGB node: f193b1afb313

Now, the relation between the two color models is easier to grasp, and more important changing one value doesn’t affect other parameters.

Though, in the current version (blender-2.92.0-1e8f2665916c-windows64) you get different behaviours between the picker and using the sliders for the Value:

Using the Value slider doesn’t affect Hue and Sat, while using the picker does.

In the commit it is said that:

HSV number buttons: scene linear color space
Picker widgets: color picking color space

but I’m wondering if this situation can be confusing.
Is this the intended behaviour?


You can check it here:

I would like get back previous behavior because for now is hard to find for example mid-tone or something with right value. Try now to setup glass when this shader is very sensitive with small difference in value.
Now is big difference how HSV works in Blander and programs like Photoshop, Inkscape, Krita etc… Please chang it back :slight_smile: