Inconsistant brush previews in sculpt mode

Short description of error
With the new UI i always kind of wondered the colors the brushes have in sculpt mode. Now seeing the new GUI and the added icons for sculpting, there is some inconsistency with the icons compared to the brush icon or preview. Where Blue is guess add “clay”, Red is taking away clay but its brush icon or preview shows yellow. We also have the yellow icons which move clay yet there icon or brush preview show red. Why not make these the same color as the icon so its consistent?

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Enter sculpt mode.
  2. View icons as mentioned before

Remade the brush previews so they are consistent with the icons. This will help new users as it seems you want to use colors to identify brushes. Yet one big step was skipped by not redoing the brush preview icons themselves

Below you see screengrabs of what this is all about, hope it helps clarify the issue

Add brushes

Smoothing / surface brushes

grab / move brushes


Add this to the list…

I like ui polishing too but a whole new thread for that…

Yes this only about the colors, nothing more, nothing less

Something like this?


all the thumbs and brushes system need to be remade

WOW dude that stunning!

I like that a lot!!! Have you sound the bell some where for this?

These are really nice
I’d be glad to have them in my blender too. Could you maybe share them and tell how to replace the old ones? Please