Improving Extrude

Hi, I have an extrude script with some features that I think could be useful, let me know what you think!

  1. Auto fix normals
  2. Context sensitive
    • Faces mode - Extrude + Shrink/Fatten
    • Edges / Verts mode - Extrude + Move
    • Nothing selected - Draw vert at cursor

Yes, extrude should not flip the normals and create geometry with inverted normals.

The context sensitive stuff is another matter though.

Yea context stuff is a can of worms, but glad we can agree on the inverted normals.

The other type of context sensitivity, would be to automatically extrude face, edges or vertices, depending on the selection mode. Many other apps work this way.


Agreed, I have that working in the extrude script, only using one command in the video. I’ve converted alot of Blender’s tools over to work this way

That is an interesting change. In many ways I agree that makes more sense.

We could even add an option to keep meshes manifold. So that extruding an edge would not do this:

But do this:

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Interesting idea but seems more like a rip/fill feature. I think existing extrude edge makes sense although one problem is that normals of the newly created faces will often be mis matched (some inside, some outside), especially on something more complex.

little offtopic:
I love your materials menu script!
… in the end I only selected that script and I made a custom shortcut for it … if it were better than not appearing in front of the object and cover it when pressing the shortcut would be at the top :heart_eyes:
I hope you will continue to improve it, perhaps offering the ability to change materials and add textures and so on …

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@HEAVYPOLY Would be possible with your script to implement (for the “nothing select” part) for it to extrude all (depending on the mode ofc, if it’s faces mode then extrude all faces, if it’s edges, extrude all edges etc…) instead of draw a vert?

Yes you could modify it to do select all instead. I’m using the create vert alot more often though.

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Thanks Noki! Definitely room for improvement, I’ll keep working on it in the future

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I just saw this:



@ThinkingPolygons I just tried it, actually flips only the newly created bridge geo so you have a mismatch of normals instead.

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