Importer and exporter settings need to be saved with Blender configuration

One of the issues Blender has which results in huge room for error and costs many artists lots of time is the fact almost none of the importers and exporters in Blender remember the settings. Anyone who works in any kind of pipeline knows import/export settings is something that should always be saved with the global software configuration, with optional choice of saving the configuration within the .blend file instead. Instead, Blender just keeps throwing away user’s configuration all the time.

Why is Blender so far behind in this regard? This is really embarrassing from the usability/user experience standpoint.


Don’t we have presets?

We have and they are great. Not great is having to remember to selecting it after you export the first time … whops again exported the whole file instead of the selected objects…

Yes, as mentioned above, presets in no way solve the room for error caused by requiring users to remember to set it up. And that setup gets lost as soon as you close Blender session. It’s saved neither with the file nor with the Blender global configuration.