Image used in addons capped at 128 pixels?

Hi! Someone mentioned to me that Blender limits the image resolution used to 128 pixels and I would like to know why. Blender is really slow showing up images which are very small already so why not improving this area so we can have better preview images for addons that have that feature and is very important. Especially for us with High DPI screens.

Do you mean the thumbnail that’s stored inside each .blend? It’s not clear from what you wrote what you actually mean.

If you mean the thumbnail, it’s actually not capped I don’t think (I’ve changed it to 256x256 etc.). The built in mechanism to generate this thumbnail does use a hardcoded 128x128 though. This can be changed if you modify your local build OR if you write your own thumbnail generator.

I too would like to see it at least as a proper option, however this probably isn’t very high priority (patches welcome) especially considering an official asset manager will have to deal with this too. Whether to keep storing the previews inside the .blend or as a separate file (like many current asset manager addons do) is up to the folks working on the asset manager.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. When you have any addon showing assets or material previews they are capped at 128px because when you increase the preview size it always look pixelated. Yeah I know it might be updated with the asset manager being done sometime in the future. I just wanted to open up that discussion in case they overlook that part when the time comes. I also don’t know if that was easy to modify or not.