I need a blender developer to make an awesome addon idea

Hello I’m new to blender but I’ve been watching videos and studying the system years but I’ve trying to work on this home project but I came across some good videos for a blender addon if possible https://youtu.be/VnmQy0UMLtA and also lineart manipulation and so much more please tag me back comment whatever get in contact with me

erm… what am I missing. Isn’t all of this already possible with grease pencil?

Well the website on these softwares basically explains how it works http://lesfilmsdupoissonrouge.com/logiciels/?lang=en#houdoo

But I don’t think it said anything about the lighting pipeline

Your awesome idea is just stealing another idea

The awesome idea is to see the last netflix movie and copy the technology behind it.

Please post your awesome idea on Right Click Select for feature requests or in Blenderartists.

Can we close this thread?