I love Blender 2.8! ❤️

Hello Blender Developers & Designers,
I’ve tried learning Blender in the past, but the UX/UI was too unintuitive and I couldn’t get things to look as I wanted. I’ve instead been using Cinema 4D primarily with some character work in Maya. With Blender 2.8 I feel like things are starting to really change for the better and I wanted to post a note about it.

First, the menus, workspaces, & Industry Compatible hotkeys all make much more sense to me. I think your work on the UI/UX is going to see a LOT more users of your program. There is farther to go, but Blender is to a point where I’m excited to start using it. Your work here is really making a difference!

Second, unifying materials between Eevee and Cycles is the greatest move ever. It makes previz so much more informative! I want to take ALL of my 3D projects to Blender for this reason. I haven’t found this connection between the Viewport and GPU renderer in any other application.

Third, I cannot wait to get good with Blender’s Grease Pencil, Video Editing, Compositing, and Sculpting. The thought that anyone in the world now has access to these features without having to buy many separate, expensive apps is such a noble one. You all should be proud of yourselves for making 3D art available to everyone.

I know no software is perfect and that funding through nontraditional means must be difficult for your company. Just know that your hard work, ethics, and these improvements are being seen, loved, and applauded by many! Thank you!


this is so great, I love it everytime I read comments like that <3


we love you, too! :heart:


Roughly ten years ago you were still being looked at with slight pity if you said that you were using Blender. Today Epic grants the foundtation 1.2 Million USD and Ubisoft pledges to switch in animation as well as giving back to the development in form of tools themselves.

Blender has reached the point where it’s getting the recognition as a viable tool for professtional content creation. And this would not be possible without the core developers working and managing Blender in the heart hof the netherlands :smiley:

Not only that development for the upcoming releases has people excited. Blender is also a very safe bet to work with - being OpenSource and remaining open for all!

We do love all of you developers! Core and from all around the globe.
So indeed - Thank you! :sunglasses:


Why I should thinks so I love Blender 2.8! :heart::laughing:
As Blender 2.8 is My daily life tools… I am spending my full time on it…
It’s becoming my nature, it’s a great software i ever used in my life…:slightly_smiling_face:

Be relax: You are :thinking: what i want to say in my Poetry why? :rofl:

I short I :heart: Blender 2.8! & it’s community/devs team… Thank…
wait… You are you member of it’s awesome community! :sunglasses: :slightly_smiling_face:


And having a look at the meeting notes from this week I really have to say that this speed of development is super adorable!

I love you guys! Still can’t understand that there are so many sh*t people outside of Blender community!


Adorable? Seems pretty fast to me haha. Am I wrong >.< ?

this is what he said!

Oh my bad haha, English isn’t my forté

the last meeting notes were quite impressive as well:

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