I am new to Blender and want to contribute in open source

I am also planning to apply for GSOC’23 . I am good at c and c++

You can find our guidance for new developers on our wiki over here:


While there is no idea list yet for 2023, you can find last years list of ideas over at:




It’s still a while until GSOC 23 but it’s always good to get familiar with Blender and the contribution process before that. @LazyDodo already gave you a few helpful links. You can also take a look at our good first issues list.

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So should I wait till the project list is released for gsoc to make contribution??


  1. It’s not required to participate in GSOC to contribute to blender, anyone can contribute, anytime, you could be contributing right now!

  2. The list of GSOC ideas we publish are just ideas… if you have a different area you want to work on, it’s totally ok to propose that.

Wait there is a list of ideas? Where can I find it?

Don’t miss the “beginning developer workshop“ recording from the BCon 2022!

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Oh and also “GPU Development Onboarding” of course:


So if I Start to contribute from today , will it benefit me for gsoc

I won’t say it will, but it definitely could, historically submissions of active contributors have had a slightly higher rate of acceptance into the program since it’s easier to determine if someone has the skills to complete their proposal if we know them a little better.

There’s never any guarantees though as there are generally many many many students competing for a rather limited amount of spots available.