Huge memory usage issue


I made a test with 25M faces dummy mesh,

  • by default it takes 10.94 GB in ram, which is already way too much.

  • When going in edit mode, it takes 48 GB, so basically like 2KB per face

I thought I was way too huge, so I tried again with a smaller mesh to see if that was not a memory leak issue
More or less exactly the same result.
I don’t know how is stored data inside the blender engine, but 2KB per face is wrong.

Is it a know issue, or a optimization not yet implemented, or something that needs to be changed ?


All of the above. Some things need to be optimized more in 2.8, some things are known old inefficiencies that could be improved.

Thanks Brecht for the infos.

I hope this critical point will be worked on quite soon by the team.

I can’t believe that there are 200 threads in those forums about the color of the icons :expressionless: but nobody care about the data efficiency of the core…

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