How to map a toolbar tool without specifying the type?


I am trying to set up my keymap in a way where the Q key activates the Select tool on click, but opens a pie menu with all select tool types on Click and Drag. It works very well, except one thing - When I select a different Select tool type using the pie menu, then once I switch back to select tool, it reverts to the Box Select mode, instead of last selected Select tool type.

This is due to the fact that when assigning a keyboard shortcut to any toolbar tool through the UI context menu, it assigns just generic wm.tool_set_by_name operator with text string of the tool name as the parameter.

Does anyone know which operator can I use to activate the select tool without specifying the type, so that the retains its last set mode?

Thanks in advance.

The default keymap for this tool seems to act the way you want it. The only difference in the keymap definition is that cycle is enabled:


I don’t think you’ve understood my question :slight_smile:

I am not asking about cycling of the select tool types. I am asking about how to map a hotkey so that it activates just the select tool, but not its specific sub mode. For example on your screenshot, W key will always activate Select Box because wm.tool_set_by_name operator is set to “Select Box” string. I want my hotkey to always activate the select tool, but not change the type. I do not want the repeated pressing of the same hotkey to cycle those types.

I got your question. You can test the following: Enable a select tool mode other than box, for instance circle select. Then, activate another tool like Move. Then press W. The select tool will stay in circle select mode.

Yes, but with the side effect that if I press it again, it switches the mode. That is unwanted. I often just press the select tool hotkey when I am already in the select mode, just don’t realize it. I often work with the toolbar disable.