How to make multiple autosave?

Hey guys, I had experience that mt blender gone crashed, I try to open autosave file, but both original file and autosave file has gone corrupted, so I can’t open any of them, it happened sometimes when huge blender file got crash, autosave didn’t save it’s backup property.

I notice that autosave only provide one back up file.

My point is is there any option I can save number of autosave version like zbrush??
or maybe script for it?

There is the Save Versions feature you can try.

However I don’t know exactly how effectively you can control the result, or how well you can recover.

If for example the corruption is on the part of data structures in memory (if there is a case such thing to happen), you have corrupted data getting into the hard disk right from the start. If the corruption happens by the time of the writing (due to some OS - filesystem reason) you might have a chance to recover from a .blend1 file provided that the write there was successful.

My personal preference on this subject, is to keep intense versioning. Such as for example when you reach a certain important milestone in your project, you just hit the Numpad + and increment your filename by one that way you might have your project broken down into timesteps.