How to get a proper Albedo pass from Cycles?

First of all… I´m not sure if I perfectly understand what the Albedo pass is, I saw a lot of different things around the net, so I though it was better to ask to the experts.

How can we extract a proper Albedo pass from Cycles?


The color passes are albedo passes:

Thanks for this, I have to write at least 20 characters so… thanks again!

Is there a way to get or calculate a single, combined albedo pass? Is it just the sum of all the color passes?

Yes, it would just be the sum probably. Adding together diffuse and specular albedo is somewhat nonsensical no matter what you do.

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The Principled BSDF doesn’t seem to use it, though? Metal colors end up in the glossy lighting passes, not glossy color.

I get glossy color if there is no metal in the shader, the right one is the principled shader, and the color is correct, on the contrary the left one use standard shaders and the glossy color is wrong.