How to draw on the new UV editor?

I don’t see any tools in the UV editor ? I tried to use one 3d view on draw mode side by side another view with the UV editor, but the paint tool doesn’t work inside the UV editor… Is this a missing feature, for implementing later or it will not exist anymore that possibility to paint at the same time that we can see the uv layout ?

I got it to work…But I can’t delete this post.

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The UV and Image editors got split. You do texture painting either in the 3D editor on mesh or in the image editor. UV editor is for editing the UV’s. I have not checked if the imaged editor has an overlay to preview UV’s overlay on top of the texture/image being painted.

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Just to mention that in the Image editor -> Paint mode the tools inside the T panel don’t show any properties on the global tools bar. It’s impossible to use those tools alone without a 3D view opened aside in Texture Paint, then you can switch tools from there to paint inside the Image editor.
I found that workflow quite disturbing and I would like to know if that will be changes to that if anyone would like to spend some time to fix it, it would be nice.

I would love to see a line and a curve tool at use in Texture paint and Image editor.


I do believe that is simply up to the fact that everything is still WIP and the image editor hasn’t gotten much attention yet.

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