How to add release notes to blender wiki

How do I contribute release notes for updated addons? Creating an account in is not possible for me somehow

you have commit access to the add-on repository?

Send me a direct message with your mail please, I can create a wiki account for you then.

Yes I have access to the addon repo. Have sent you my email^^


I’d like to propose a release note in the UI relesase notes with something like the following:

  • Catalan has been added to the list of the presently six complete translation of the Blender UI.

However, I do not know in which forum/thread I could/should do this.




I added a note about this to the “General” section of the Blender 4.0 release notes here: Reference/Release Notes/4.0/User Interface - Blender Developer Wiki

Take a look and if you’d like it in a different place, or with different wording, let me know. And thanks for working on this!

Cheers, Harley


Awesome like this. Many thanks :+1:t3:

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