How do I add a background image for modeling in Blender 2.80?

I have been searching Blender 2.80 for a way to “add background image” for modeling. the add image panel used to be located on the properties panel when I selected “N” in earlier versions…but can not find it now?
Thanks for any assistance. Keep up the excellent work!

They have been removed.

Cameras have background images (access from camera UI),
otherwise empties with image display should be used.

Thanks so much for the quick reply, I got the camera UI to do as I needed, not sure how the empties with image display works but will keep poking around.!

That’s mean, Empty image will be the only solution for 2.8?

Yes, see this tasks for details:


That’s bad… background images weres perfect to have reference only in orthographic view… and not having disturbing full opaque images inside the real model.


Very strange decision :thinking:
It’s sad…

The linked task on mentions an option to have them show only in orthographic view.


The interesting is not ortographic, the best is the specific view (front, right, camera,…)

I imagine it would take into account the rotation of the image empty.

One missing thin on blender is the hability to add an image in the perspective view.
We can use ortho views, but not persp view to follow 3/4 ref.

I use kuadro for that, but it’s far from perfect.

For the empty images, you should do what I did on my RMB, directly select the image and then add the empty in the view and centered.

Could not be a option of the image empty? not something automatic.

If adding an image automatically aligns it to the current view, it would be quite easy to got to that view, add the image, and position it as you want. Not sure why that would need an extra option.

Yes, that’s what is proposed in the task.

The issue is to comeback to this view, there is no bookmarks for views in Blender.
You need to use a camera and add an image to it, and it’s a difficult process.

because normally people will add the image and then will search the best angle and will want to select the correct camera, like image background works actually. And it’s a clear option for the user and he will understand the function better.

It can be an option of the operator:

I’m having difficulty with these images because they seem to block out the edit mode stuff through the image alphas:

You could just drag and drop an image and toggle “display perspective” in the image settings. This way it will only be visible in ortho mode.