How can Object Collections be viewed and edited?

I might be missing something obvious. At the moment, in the Outliner all I can see is the Layer Collections. They can be created through the Outliner, as well as through the hotkey M -> New Collection in the 3D Viewport, and managed conveniently through the Outliner. However, how do I edit collections which were created using Ctrl + G?

I have seen that Dalai Felinto had started working on an Add-On called Object: Collections, which I suppose should allow something like that. But when enabling it, I only see an empty panel in the Properties Panel, Object Section.

In 2.79 there was a Groups View, which would allow me to manage and edit any Group within the scene. Is there something coming like that for 2.8? Or is the Blender File mode of the Outliner planned as the replacement for this functionality?


Blender File with filtering to show collections only is the replacement for the Groups view.

@brecht: Maybe it’d be nice to have a more convenient way to link Collections to your scene? If you’ve unlinked your Collection, it’s not obvious how to get it back.

The same goes for Collection created by adding them in Object Properties -> Collections. They aren’t added to the Scene.

We could add a ‘Link Collection’ entry in the right-click menu of the Outliner to link in any unlinked Collections, without having to go to Blender File -> Collections.


Thanks for the clarification. I’m at the moment unsure how difficult it will be to manage a scene like that. We have many scenes with way beyond 100 object collections. With the current implementation, I have no idea on how to distinguish between collections that are already linked to my scene, and collections which are not. Is it possible to at least add color coding somehow?

The thing I am struggling with is, what if I need to change membership of objects to an object collection? I do not see the content unless I link it to a scene. The 100+ collections are a result of the 3.000+ objects we need to manage. They come from external applications, and are called fromNurbs.001, fromNurbs.002, xshell#12.001, etc etc.

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That would be a start. Another possibility I see is to have a ‘Link collection’ operator in the 3D Viewport. At the moment, i can instantiate a collection just fine, but why is it so difficult to link a collection and its content?

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I made my feedback on this topic in the form of a video:

I’d really need a video tutorial on how this is supposed to work, but I also feel that if you need to watch a video tutorial on how something basic like this is supposed to work, it’s not very intuitive…

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There seems no merit to hide (filter) collection which user made in 3d view with menus.(short cut etc)

we make collections in 3d view to group it for current scene., why they are not auto-linked to current scene?
If user try same tthing, 99% of them , think we make new colleciton and it should be in current scene, without any additional steps. then they check new collection in outliner, it is usuall thinking.

It must need to improve , I hope.