How can i Select sculpt Subdivide Level in Multires

how can i Select sculpt Subdivide Level in Multires??

In the official manual for blender, there is sculpt Subdivide in multires

I have felt this problem since December 2018. 2.79 was able to switch the level of Multires Subdivide in Sculpt mode.
I was able to sculpt using Blender like Zbrush.

But even now, by 2020. Blender’s Multires Sculpt feels incomplete. Sculpt is fixed at the top Divide.

I felt very difficult when sculpting the Joker.
This is because it is impossible to lower the Subdivide level of Multires when sculpting.

I saw a video that appealed to the power of Sculpt mode in 2.83. In Sculpt mode, if the Multires Subdivide level cannot be switched between low and high. I don’t really agree with the new Sculpt feature.

Switching the Multires Subdivide level from low to high in Sculpt mode is supported by other Sculpt tools.

It had some issues, so it was temporarily removed… It will be back soon enough…

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It will be back soon enough??? wow!!! Thank you. On that day, I will have a festival with champagne and olives in my house