Highlighting mesh vertices, faces and faces in a blender 2.8X

Since 2.8 has already been released, and the 2.81 development process has begun, is it possible to implement such a chip in the new version?
The bottom line is, as many probably saw in May or Houdini, there are 2 backlight options for the model and its components:
1 When a model or its part (a vertex or a face is really selected with a mouse click) they are highlighted with a certain color.
Option 2 when the mouse is in the vicinity of the model (mesh) they are also highlighted. Each element has its own color in each mode.
Can developers make a similar option (disableable) in a blender?
See as in Houdini.


This is called preselection highlighting. For some reason, this has been an ‘anti-feature’ in Blender, ie something developers purposefully didn’t want to do for design reasons.

However, in Blender we do have it in some instances already: We have it for Loop Cut, and we also have it for all buttons and controls that highlight as you pass over them.

Provided that we can make it fast, I can’t personally see a strong argument against this. All the arguments I heard against this all seemed like non-sequiturs, such as:

Blender uses "Select -> Operate” paradigm

This doesn’t prevent using preselection highlighting - in fact many apps work this way

In 3d views you just don’t have singular selection possible (small elements, overlapping elements, etc). For that reason Blender has a heuristics that includes the distance to mouse, and cycles based on this distance (including on Z depth)

This also does not prevent using preselection highlighting. The highlight would simply illuminate what will be selected when you click, which is agnostic to any sort of selection algorithm.

This could be added if developers can agree to it, and it prioritized. As a first step, this feature would need to be removed from the anti-features list.

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I really hope that the developers will make such a highlight. It looks beautiful in any program and is almost everywhere. Since 2.8, they began to add gizmo to many elements, I think it would be useful for many, especially for beginners. Highlighting an object can be useful when there are a lot of objects on the stage and you need to highlight something in a 3D view, it can be just as useful.

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Houdini screen.
1 Object no select.

2 The object is not selected but the cursor is above the object.
The subject is highlighted in orange.

3 Object Select.

4 Object select and mouse in object.
Hightlight job in all always if the cursor is over an object.

5 If the mouse cursor is close to the top, it is highlighted in light blue. Ruff is not selected.

6 On the left in the yellow square, the vertex is selected and highlighted in yellow; on the right, the cursor is highlighted in light blue above it.

7 The edges of the model are also highlighted.

8 model faces are also highlighted.

9 It is also clearly visible if you need to remove the selection, the backlight will be red.

It would look very beautiful against the background of the new blender 2.8x interface
Can these things be added to the blender for a long time, or are they quickly implemented? I wonder what the designers will say.
This is in all major programs, why is a blender worse than them and cannot have such things?
I think a blender can do everything expensive programs can do and even much better than them. Therefore, I really hope that these options will be implemented.

Read this thread:

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Can this be enabled only in the main settings for highlighting?

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I don’t think so…

It would be better if the developers did this themselves, there would be less problems and glitches.

The dev is on it. Probably low priority at the moment…

There is a highlight of all faces in edit mode.
Why not do the same for object mode?
Suppose that all faces are highlighted when mesh is selected.
By default, there is simply Alpha at 0 made.

May be Campbell Barton or Brecht Van Lommel they will say something how difficult and long to add to the blender.

I found an addon for 2.79 doing this.