Hiding/unhiding should be always global between all viewports

Continuing the train of things which do more damage than good and make workspaces useless, the latest one is hiding/unhiding behavior. In the typical “as complicated as possible” Blender manner, Blender has two types of hiding and unhiding, one per viewport, and one global between all viewports. While hiding per viewport may have been an interesting idea, all it creates in the reality are workflow impediments. One has to constantly micro manage hiding and unhiding of stuff when switching workspaces because what’s been hidden in one is still unhidden in the other and vice versa. All this does is create heaps of unnecessary hide/unhide micromanagement for the user, with nothing in return. The per viewport hiding is the default, favored one, and assigned to the hotkeys, which makes it even worse.

This is another typical example of something Blender does, which adds lot more works on users hands compared to any other DCC. This is yet another huge time waster.

My proposal is to completely ditch the whole local vs global viewport hiding, simply remove the local one and make global one default. I have yet to see a single person benefiting from ability to hide and unhide things per viewport in any meaningful, productive manner.