Hide in Viewport VS Disable in Viewport

Can anyone explain what is the point of “Hide in Viewport” (eye) is?
If “Disable in Viewport” does the same but not resets after disable/enable collections.

Why not to do “Hide” (eye) globally and not resets it after disable/enable collections?

If I want to hide element from View or from Render I disable corresponding icons.
If I hide element (eye disabled) I want to hide it globally from view and from render also.
It so inconvenient.


I just wanted to create a thread about it when I saw yours.

It is so incredibly frustrating and costs me so much time on daily basis. The schizophrenia between hiding objects in viewport vs disabling them is a typical Blender example of a solution looking for a problem.

I would like to just use “Disable” all the time because it’s beyond infuriating when you are managing visibility of all your scene objects, and as soon as you switch to a different workspace, you have to do the whole damn thing from scratch. It just costs so much time.

I wonder who thought people really want/need to hide different sets of objects per viewport. That’s such a rare use case it’s not worth devastating the whole Blender’s visibility management system just because of this feature almost no one will ever use.

Unfortunately, what’s much worse is that vast majority of the visibility system, such as hotkey mappings (object.hide_view_set operator) are built around Hiding, not disabling. So you can’t just swap Disable buttons for Hide buttons in viewport and you are good to go. Because all your hide-related hotkeys will still be hiding objects, only in given viewport in given workspace. It’s just such a poor design :frowning:

I really wish that “Disable” would be completely removed, and “Hide” would simply always do what “Disable” currently does. This is yet another behavior which makes already very difficult to use Workspaces even more difficult to use. :frowning:

It’s just incredible how much artist time can be wasted by such a small poor decision. There’s no such weirdness in any other major DCC and I never had to actually spend time micromanaging viewport visibility of objects. It’s only in Blender where it’s possible to turn something so simple and essential into a lengthy chore.