Help choosing blender version [for old GPU's]

I’ve been trying to find a blender version that supports my old GPU so I can learn basics of creating simple mesh, maybe low-poly sculpting. I have AMD HD 5850 card which is really old. I know I can’t render the most realistic scenes with this gpu, my aim is to produce simple meshes to export and use inside unreal engine; low poly props and generic models for a game I’m trying to develop.

So far I tried versions (almost everything) since blender v2.78, including experimental builds. I’ve tried using:
--debug-value 256 and the other Set CYCLES_OPENCL_TEST=ALL methods. While I can see the gpu being listed on system tab of settings, I see no load and no difference between render times switching back to CPU only/deselecting gpu.

Can you suggest me a blender version that utilizes my gpu? I will leave it’s gpu-z snapshot here

You’re going to have to go further back then that, but based on this BSE answer you are very unlikely to get OpenCL acceleration. Even 1st gen GCN cards were dropped after 2.78.

with such old GPU just stick to CPU it will be faster anyway

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Not having GPU accelerated rendering should make no difference in your output, and based on the things you say you want to learn I don’t think you need to worry about it at all. It will have zero effect on modeling and a probably negligible effect on rendering time.

Just use the latest 2.79 or even 2.8 if they appear to be working correctly in terms of showing the viewport correctly and have performance you can live with.

What CPU and how much memory do you have?

It is just the camera, fps can be so low with polygons over 10k with cpu, I cant even control it properly. I will make simpler models to export it seems,
i have intel 2500k and 8gb ram.
wish I had some of this gpu power in that editing mode you see. I don’t even want to render it inside blender, I just want to make meshes and have program use my gpu since I got a gpu taht can draw 3d scenes, not only cpu. but thats something will never happen, as I see from all replies.

thanks for replies.