Have F12 automatically open the new render workspace tab?

I’m really enjoying the new interface and it only took a few minutes to get acquainted. Great job overall! The only thing I don’t like is, when I go to render by hitting F12, it changes the 3D view in the workspace I’m currently in. It seems like it would fit much better if it opened the render workspace and then did the render in there. Right now I can either click over to the workspace manually and then hit F12, or I hit F12 and then have to change back to my 3D view.

+1 for this please!

This would be a brilliant option. I also got aquatinted to 2.8 really quickly and enjoyed using it on macOS and one of the things I tried to do was get it to render F12 into the Render Tab but none of the options would make it happen. Ended up staying with opening a new window.