Hard to select curve and tangents in edit mode / too many clicks

It’s very hard to select and adjust points and tangents on curves in edit mode. Too much time consuming.

Lasso select, drag, nothing happens.
Click, drag, nothing happens.
It’s necesserary to call the move tool to move the point, same thing for rotation and scale.

Manipulating tangents seams broken, click, drag, nothing happens.

The behaviour is not good.

As, in all softwares, we should be able to left click select and immediately move/rotate or scale the point, no need to call m,r,s because entering edit mode means tweaking.
For tangents, CTRL+click should activate the manipulations of tangents and ALT+click break tangents.
CTRL+ALT+click for tangents reset and relink tangents as one.

A suggestion :
SHIFT + click on the curve to add a point on the place desired.
ALT+ click on a point to remove it.

Editing must be easier and more rapid.

I find this very hard to understand. To me this looks like something that was auto-translated.

By ‘curve tangents’ I assume you just mean curve points?

By ‘m,r,s’ do you mean Move, Rotate, Scale? Why be cryptic?

Anyway, we have a tool currently called Select, which allows you to click and drag on any item to immediately select and move it. This may be what you are looking for. This tool should be renamed to Tweak, in my opinion, but that’s another matter.

yes m,r,s to move, rotate, scale.
By curve tangents i mean tangents as the definition: straight line or plane that touches a curve or curved surface at a point.

Right now, to edit the tangent, you have to deselect the point by selecting one side of the tangent, adjust and then reselect your point to re-tweak the point. It’s an heavy way to adjust point and tangents.
I just see the select mode here and can’t find the tool called Select, where is it ?
Right now, we can just select and no more action. To move, we need to call the move tool.
Why selecting a point you need to tweak ?
Just click, it’s selected and then move, rotate or scale.

As easier as in photoshop or after effect. And it’s a real need to have shortcuts for manipulating tangents.

That’s exactly what the Select Tool is used for. Just click-drag over a point OR tangent, it will start moving immediately. Same with mesh points. No need to extra select the point or tangent first.


Ok, i haven’t seen this tool los amongst the others

It would be good to have it by default.

You can assign or redefine the shortcut for selection. Currently, the W key cycles through the selection modes. By redefining the shortcut like this, it will always go to the Select Tool:

Thank you very much, i will set it this way.