GUI render queue

I am probably not the first to bring this up. I recently switched to blender for my 3d production work and there are upsides working with it but I also encountered some crucial missing things. I thought it would be possible to create a render queue but alas this is not available. I’ve found some phyton approaches to do this but I am not technical enough to set this up. Is there a plan to incorporate a GUI to be able to queue more Blender files in a render queue? It would be such a productivity boost.

I am not an expert here but thats what i know about it.
When you want a gui is currently only possible with a paid addon to my knowledge like Render+ addon.

Flamenco the in house render farm is currently getting some upgrades but i dont know if this will be included.

Ah found the right add on thanks!

Which addon did you find to do this? I usually write batch scripts to queue scenes and render in verbose - but a more elegant solution might be handy. Late at night a small typo can ruin a render overnight.