GSoC'20 idea proposal: developing a script to tone down project settings if system gets unstable


I'm Ashley Roy and would love to participate in GSoC this year. I wanted to get a developers perspective on whether my idea is good to submit as a proposal for the same. I wish to develop a script that automatically tunes down settings when the system starts to get Unstable. I am a blender user myself and often a faced with software crashes and loss of unsaved work because of such instabilities, which can be caused by anything ranging from high Viewport render samples, Viewport modifier settings, Insufficient ram, High poly particles and Fluid simulation. My script enables this. I would also like to implement an AutoSave/Snapshot feature which can prevent the accidental loss of hours of as well as provide a form of Version control to the environment.


There are definitely ways to improve Blender handling of complex scenes and using more graceful degradation when the system runs out of resources. However I’m not sure how a script would be able to detect crashes or instabilities? I’d expect more graceful handling of such cases needs to be done in core Blender, these situations are difficult to predict beforehand or respond to afterwards.

Auto save and file recovery can be improved. Version control is a complicated topic in itself, probably that is too big for a GSoC project.

Anyway, we’d need to know more specifics about how you would approach this, since it’s not clear.

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