GSoC'20 : Custom Menu Editor

Hi. I'm Ashley Roy and would like to work as a part of the Blender Foundation for this years GSoC. I came across the Custom Menu Editor in the idea suggestions at ,


I am proficient in C, C++ and Python and would like to work on this project. I wish to submit a proposal for the same but need to understand the problem further and was wondering whether any of the developers could help me out with this. As far as I have understood the project aims to develop an extra tab in the Preferences menu to create a custom list of settings the user regularly uses. Please notify me if I've missed anything. Since the last date for GSoC proposals is fast approaching, quick help would be much appreciated. I look forward to working for this company.


Is this related to quick favorites? There is a proposal already: GSoC 2020 : idea to improve the custom menu idea

@CodeManX that shouldn’t discourage more proposals. also that one can apply with three proposals.


If Ashley Roy is looking for alternative proposals in the UI domain, the roadmap has tons of good ideas: ⚓ T63726 User Interface Module :slight_smile:

This one would be great for example: ⚓ T67893 Drag and Drop for UI elements


Pie menu editor maybe, instead of an addon?