GSoC 2022 Proposal Draft : 3D text usability improvements

Hello my name is Yash , this summer I am planning to work on improving the usage of 3D text.
This is the link to my proposal .
I look forward to hearing your responses to my proposal.


Great to see this proposal. I bet this is very interesting for motion designers!


Interesting proposal! The main thing I’d like to see out of such a project personally is consideration of more procedural workflows in geometry nodes (String to Curves Node — Blender Manual).

There was some discussion about that here previously: Text mograph nodes design

That procedural workflow allows some real benefits in flexibility and performance. It would be interesting to see how that could be pushed forward to make it more interactive and intuitive. I think it would be a bit of a lost opportunity to do a 3D text project without considering that aspect as well.


Yes, I am thinking of nodes which can be introduced for strings .

One thing I have faced commonly is that we cannot work well with single characters in a string.

Any specific nodes you wish to suggest?

3D Text object has ability to replace characters of text by 3D objects through creation of an Font Family and use of Object Font property and instancing properties.

It would be welcomed to replace this old workflow by Geometry nodes.

  • A String to Object Font node to convert a text into 3D objects of a font family.
  • A Font Family node to specify which object info node corresponds to which character or to pick a collection of objects as a font family.
  • Ability for switch node to handle font families.

Some other nodes for basic geometry modifications would be welcomed, too :

  • String to Bevelled Curves node
  • Shear node for Geometry category
  • Text Boxes nodes providing indexes and dimensions. Usable as selections for geometry nodes.

Sure , I will try to implement these nodes . :+1:

Proper kerning support that relies on the character spacing information inside the fonts would be fantastic.
The default Text object and the spacing between the T and e is an eye-sore :slight_smile:


I don’t know if my comment is relevant to the thread, but blender is currently missing right-to-left support; that includes languages like Arabic,Hebrew,Persian and more. Really a shame because these features that are being added aren’t gonna be implement for everyone… :disappointed:

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maybe for 3.4 we can see sth

Great improvements on this task, glad to see it being tackle :slight_smile:
One question, would it be possible (not sure about Blender way of doing things) to see a different cursor when editing the text)

can we see in this task, the ability to select multiple part of the text like shift-drag…?