GSoC 2022 Draft Proposal: Asset Manager Usability Improvements

Hi everyone! I am Junyi Zhang from Carnegie Mellon University. I am a Blender user since 2.79, and I would like to participate in the Google Summer of Code as a great opportunity to contribute to this amazing community. I am still working on my proposal, but I would like to receive some feedback on my current thoughts.

Thank you so much in advance!


It’s not publicly accessible right now. I’ve requested access, but you probably want to adjust the settings!

I’ve updated the settings. It should be publicly accessible now!

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Both drag-n-drop into outliner and non-blender assets in the browser are great additions!
One feature, which might be way outside of scope for this GSoC, that’d be awesome to have is being able to save a hierarchy to the asset browser. Currently its very awkward to have to merge a group of assets just to store them.
I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes :smiley:

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I also feel like it is a bit awkward to merge a group of assets. Would you elaborate on the “hierarchy” idea?

By hierarchy I just mean a “group”, one parent and its children. I’m using Machin3Tools as a quick way to emulate how it works in other 3d software which natively support groups in this way.

What I’d love is if I could drag this selection into the Asset Browser and keep the structure intact, so when you drag it out from the Asset Browser the hierarchy is maintained, IE I’d get the parent with its two children.

Currently if I mark the selection as an asset it ends up being three separate objects:


Oh I see. Thanks a lot! I’ll definitely discuss this with my mentor to see whether this feature fits into their development roadmap.


I think the project file as a storage unit is underutilized and a proprietary format should be developed, as well as objects at the child level that follow the parent level.

For example, I can use this night scene as an asset, embarrassingly the moon and the environment can only be stored separately.