GSoC 2021: UV Editor Improvements - Feedback

sad, could be a perfect improvement. actually we need to put a image with x*y resolution to obtain that grid ratio. it is hard do that with a textfield?

Would love to see this in Blender as well. As someone who learned UV mapping from using Autodesk Maya in the past, this feature is something I have really come to miss.

Also, fantastic work so far, @sidd017 ! I know this may fall out of the scope of this current project, but one feature I always wanted to see in Blender is the ability to see UV maps of objects outside of Edit Mode (i.e. Object Mode). Always been a major gripe of mine since I moved over to Blender. If you decide to continue working on developing UV mapping features after GSoC is over I would hope that you consider this feature as well. :partying_face:


Thanks @Frozen_Death_Knight !
With only 2 weeks left till GSoC coding period ends, I don’t think it would be feasible to start working on any new tasks that can’t be completed before the approaching deadline.

I’ll definitely look into both features after GSoC or at least create design tasks for them, so that they can be worked upon sometime in the future.


Julien asked on twitter what people thought was bad about Blenders UV workspace and I also brought this up.

I think this is a super duper good idea, but it is also a BIG change. It might come with performance complications, it might require more overlays in object mode, it might need more features to make it work. Either way, it would be something to talk to with the Campbell to see what he thinks. I’m all for it of course!


oh wow, I wasn’t expecting this to be done, very excited to see it! one of my longstanding gripes with the UV editor was the fact that you couldn’t select two parallel edges without also selecting the face. thanks for tackling these UV editor improvements, really looking forward to seeing these get merged into master!

I only want to remember in a possible to-do that was to make box selection infinity in X or Y to select vertex out of the view

Also thought about this and came to the conclusion that better just select loop for now. But for multiple islands its definitely must have…

is it possible to make UV Edge/Face modes visibility as in 3D View, where vertices I see only in Vertex mode, edges I see only in Edge mode, and faces with dots I see only in Face mode? To be consistent with 3d View.

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@APEC I agree that the way UV edges are currently drawn is visually misleading. A clear example is given in the screenshot below, where the vertices of the edge are selected but the edge is not selected

Presently, this is can also be replicated with UV sync selection enabled in the current master as well.

I did spend sometime experimenting with the code responsible for drawing UV edges, but given that I don’t have much experience with shaders, I couldn’t come up with a solution for this. I might take sometime off after GSoC before trying this again.

Regarding extending box selection in X or Y direction : Unfortunately I haven’t had time to look/work on any new tasks due to time constraints.